What are link shortcuts?

Adspumais a website that provides the service of shortening links for revenue generation to its partners.
Basically, the partner inserts a link from a specific site, that link is then coded and reduced. So, besides taking up less space in the text of the page, after being clicked, it also generates revenue for the partner through our brokerage page. This page contains the ads that will be responsible for generating revenue for the partner. After 5 seconds, a button will be generated where the user of the partner will be redirected to the link originally posted.
This process aims to discharge the volume of traffic from the partner's website, where it is provided by our servers. In this way, lowering your partner's expenses and still generating additional revenue!

What are our differentials?

Our service is free of intrusions and viruses. Everything is checked before it is put into operation.
We have a dedicated team that constantly monitors the site.
Feel free to send us a message, via e-mail or our blog, taking your questions or submitting suggestions.

Why use Shorted bind services?

Based on our infrastructure, we can ensure more effective ad traffic and therefore significantly increase the additional revenue generated for your site.

Good work for everyone and success with your business!

Team Adspuma.